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Lesbian anal foreplay

Alright, your NOT going to see any girl girl anal action in this video, simply because it’s a PREVIEW which was created to make you wanna join the website, nothing is for free, right ? But good news is that it’ll cost you a buck. Yes, ONE DOLLAR. Not that much for a HD vid I guess. Oh , and there’s gonna be a lot of anal in this clip.

Tasty Milkshake

I was watching the movie with no sound, so I’ve got no idea what these girls are talking about at the beginning…Okay so these two girls (one of them is a known lesbian pornstar: Alaina Kristar, the brunette) are talking about something, then they prepare and drink a (probably) tasty milkshake and…you know what usually happens after drinking milshake. You don’t? Then watch the video.

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