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Busty Taxman

I laughed my ass off when Spencer Scott opened the door to Taylor Vixen and she introduced herself as a “taxman” Anyway that’s the story. As it turned out miss Spencer was late or haven’t paid some of the taxes and she’s now in trouble…BUT, there’s a way to get out of it and Taylor is makes it clear: either her client’s gonna have lesbian sex with her or she’s going to jail for avoiding taxes. The blonde pornstar picked option number one and later that day her pussy was licked dry.

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Taylor spies on Marry

Brunette Taylor Vixen is living together with Marry Queen, a friend from work. Even though she’s normally into guys she always found her somehow attractive. One day when Marry was dressing up she secretely walked to the door and watched her changing clothes. She was impressed by her beautiful nude body and decided to show up and try if she want to have sex. I guess it worked. Stunning porn scene with two really pretty gals.

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