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Ass to Ass

Have you heard about Kylie Kane and Lily Love? They’re both lesbian pornstars who openly confess about their passion for eating pussy. In this video they’re back from hanging by the pool all day and are horny as fuck. Kylie is known for being kinky but today she feels like doing something hardcore. She expects to have her vagina eaten and licked the HARD WAY. Will Lily cope with it? I can honestly say: TOTALLY. Full version is here

Great Weekend

Every two weeks Malena and her best mate – pornstar Lily Love, spends the weekend together doing all sorts of crazy stuff, partying, going to the gym, hanging out at the malls…this kind of stuff. Usually, when Lily leaves she just kisses her friend in the cheek, says “Good bye” and exits the apartment. This time it was totally different – the girls stayed up in their bed till monday, after an all night lesbian sex session by the fireplace.Click here to watch the full, explicit version