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Dirty Masseuse

Petite lesbian pornstar: Dillion Harper is suffering from severe leg pains. After consulting it turned out she needs an intense massage. Dillion was expecting that John, her masseur will take care of it but he had no time and told her his good friend will make the pains go away. It turned out that “friend” is a hot MILF ( India Summer ) who will do MUCH more than a massage….

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Perverted Gynecologist

Here’s another video with Canadian pornstar – Alyssa Reece. This time she visits a new gynecologist to examine her vagina. The doctor is played by India Summer. After some typical examination the gyno doc starts acting weird by touching her boobs and fingering her patient’s pussy. After a while she pink a HUGE black strapon to herself and fucks Alyssa in the ass. It turns out she’s a lesbian pervert! watch the anal fucking here