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Breanne Benson – sexiest lawyer ever

I have to say that Breanne Benson is probably the sexiest lawyer on earth. Just my 2 cents. The plot behind this scene is: Gracie Glam is having a divorce with her husband and Breanne is helping the process run smooth. Unfortunately she’s got bad news – Gracie’s ex second half is greedy and he took all the money with him and she can do nothing about it…unless Gracie eats her pussy.

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Costume party

Now this movie is a bit on the funny side. It starts with two guys entering the apartment, followed by two women in weird red and white costumes. The guys sit on the couch and watch the babes play. They’re names are: Celeste Star (the one in white) and Gracie Glam and as it turned out they have some magical powers and were able to put the guys to sleep while they have kinky sex. Pretty original, I must say.

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